Rottweiler Klub of North America

Dedicated to the Complete Rottweiler - Show, Work & Companion

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Moving forward as an organization internationally, we are sending a team to the 2015 ADRK World IPO Championships!

Help support the working Rottweiler - no donation too small!

DogSport Gear - team uniforms

Susan Peyton - $500; Fast Track Construction - $400; P & H Plumbing - $250; Cutcher's Flooring, Inc. - $250; RPusa Inc - $225; Ten Saints Tavern - $500;

Nigro Construction - $1,000; Precision Fire Protection Inc - $100; Epic Door & Trim - $250; Automatic Door & Glass - $500




Support the RKNA team by donating to the 2015 ADRK IPO World Championships

  • $1,000 - Team Jackets - DogSport Gear



Invites Members & Clubs to Join

Co-operation working partnership agreement between ADRK & RKNA
Effective January 1, 2011

RKNA is supported and recognized by ADRK.

RKNA is a member club of ADRK World Family and encourages its members to adopt the FCI breed standard for Rottweiler.

ADRK and RKNA share the common goals to preserve the Rottweiler in association with ADRK Breed and Performance standards.

RKNA offers the following activities to members and member clubs:

  • Scorebooks recognized and approved by ADRK (ie this means the RKNA scorebook can be used at ADRK trials and breed surveys in Germany)
  • RKNA trial results can be recorded on ADRK & FCI pedigree
  • Release of conformation judges licensed with ADRK, FCI to RKNA shows & breed tests
  • Release of IPO judges licensed with ADRK, SV Germany, DVG Germany & FCI to IPO trials.  AWDF member clubs' judges are not recognized by ADRK so may not be used to judge a RKNA trial.
  • RKNA is the only IPO organization in USA & Canada where trial results are recognized by ADRK and titles do not have to be redone to trial at a higher degree. ADRK does not recognize any titles earned at AWDF member club trials.
  • Standardized breed tests (Ztp)
  • ADRK type conformation shows
  • RKNA CH title
  • Tracking tests for FH degree
  • Endurance tests for AD award
  • Obedience/traffic sure test for BH degree
  • Members can submit hip/elbow xrays to ADRK for evaluation
  • RKNA sends a team to ADRK World Championship each year
  • Scorebooks for Rottweilers
  • Activities to ensure the development and maintenance of the Rottweiler as a working breed

Membership is open to all countries. Join RKNA today!

RKNA events are sanctioned and approved by RKNA.

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