Rottweiler Klub of North America

Dedicated to the Complete Rottweiler - Show, Work & Companion

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RKNA Executive Board

RKNA Executive Board

President: Sophia Hyojeong Jeong   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    1-250-885-8209

Vice President: Michelle Platt   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    1-559-760-0957

Secretary: Lesley Blackman   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Director of Regions: Lisa MacGillivray   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    1-250-668-2436

Director of Committees: Lala Roberts   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    1-817-937-3333

Sophia Hyojeong Jeong
Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada

Sophia picture

– I have owned Rottweilers for 13 years.

– Past President of the area South Korea Rottweiler Klub.

– University Degree in Animal Care (anatomy, training, grooming, behaviour, diet etc.). I have taken many additional courses on animal behaviour and animal communication.

– The South Korean government has retained my services to help assist with the writing of legislation and statutes for all animal law in South Korea. The government had laws but they were too weak and did not protect the animals so the legislation was re-written to better protect the animals. I also wrote articles for the government.

– I am commissioned to design animal theme parks so that the enclosures of the animals feel more like a natural habitat.

– I worked at the YMCA with my therapy Rottweiler where our job was to help children who had behavioural problems at school and at home.

– I worked for the government at an Animal Shelter for three years. This was the first animal shelter established by the South Korean Government so we needed to set up all policies and procedures for all other shelters to follow.


Michelle Platt
Vice President

michelle heeling

It is my position that RKNA is destined to do great things for the Rottweiler. Great inroads have been paved into representing the complete Rottweiler and to continue to do so, it needs leadership that can help it make the next leaps in preserving and/or recovering the breed as the dog it became so respected for. If the club prospers, thus will the Rottweiler in North America. I have vision, am active in the breed both through IPO and show, and understand the need for structure.

I have been an elementary school teacher for 16 years. I well understand the need for structure to preserve forward progress and harmony. I also am well versed in communicating with others and resolving issues. Within this profession, I have also worn many other hats:
Lead Teacher
Science Lead for a very large school district
School Site Council member
Site Leadership Team
BITSA Coordinator (assisted and advised new teachers through their first year of teaching)
Coach for multiple boys’ and girls’ sports to league championships

As a dog lover, I have also gone in a number of different directions. Though I did not begin sport work with this breed, when I came back after many years away from sport training it was with Rottweilers, participating in IPO, AKC obedience and show, Barn Hunt, and Sieger shows.
Dago vom Framheim, BH, SchH 1
Irriana vom Framheim, BH
Wu-Tang’s Axel (video)
2x RKNA Meisterschaft participant
1 more leg in each of the following to achieve title: CDX, RN, RATN
USRC Sieger, multiple times V-1, AKC pointed (need majors), RKNA CH

Wu-Tang’s Nadia
Many times V-1 rated, USRC Open Select x 2

As an artist, I have vision and the ability to think outside of the box. I create realistic horse sculptures with copies from moulds sold and successfully competed with all over the world in model horse shows. This requires both great vision and the need for precision with an eye for detail. It also requires great dedication with the fortitude to follow a project through.

I am versatile, dependable, honest, and a hard worker with vision. I feel I can serve RKNA well in a leadership position.

Michelle 3a    Michelle transport picture


Lesley Blackman

 Lesley Blackman picture

- I have owned Rottweilers since 2006.  I love the breed and we have adopted unpapered Rottweilers from the Animal Shelter and given them loving homes.  I have a 6 month old unpapered male Rottweiler who is on staff at my pharmacy as he is in the store all the time.

- I know RKNA rules and have been Trial Secretary at IPO trials and have been Event Secretary at Ztp and shows.

- I am a licensed Pharmacist and own and operate Estevan Pharmacy, a busy community pharmacy which is licensed by the College of Pharmacists of BC. I employee 3 pharmacists, 2 registered pharmacy technicians, 1 merchandising manager and 3 pharmacy assistants (customer service). I have excellent organizational and management skills.

- I support RKNA because the club brings awareness of the breed and offers opportunities for Rottweiler owners.   The RKNA is breed specific for the Rottweiler and I like that I can get scorebooks on my unregistered Rottweilers via the RKNA and I can participate in RKNA IPO and tracking trials with my unregistered Rottweilers.


Lisa MacGillivray
Director of Regions

IMG 6308c Lisa

I believe in the vision that ADRK continues to have for the Rottweiler and feel that RKNA has the ability to be a comparable program and an excellent component of the ADRK family representing North America both in show and in IPO work. I feel I could be an asset to the program and help it grow in positive ways within the scope of the position of Director of Regions.

-I have owned, bred, and trained Rottweilers for the past 30 years.

-I am well versed with a deep understanding of RKNA show rules, SE and Ztp rules. I know and understand FCI IPO rules. I have qualified to enter the RKNA show judge’s apprentice program. My next step is to meet requirements to enter the RKNA IPO judges’ program and only need to title a Rottweiler to a FH and will then have met requirements.

-I have titled two Rottweilers to IPO 3, both of which have qualified us for the RKNA IPO 3 club
– Osbourne v Schwaiger Wappen
RKNA CH, 2015 RKNA Kombi Sieger
2014 RCC Canadian National Sieger
Multi V1 in Canada & in USA
RKNA Silver Merit
SE, Ztp
-Roselyn v Rangau
Multi V-1
RKNA Silver Merit
SE, Ztp,
Other Rottweilers I have titled and am currently working with are:
-Gizo vh Edelstein, IPO 1, BH, SE, CKC CH, V1 Canadian National Sieger Show
-Vickie v Rangau, BH, SE, CGN
-Truda v Schwarzerwald, BH, AD, CGN (currently 18 months)
-River v Schwarzerwald, VP1 & Best Male Puppy (currently 21 months)
-Elan vd Jasper Ranch, VP2, CKC CH pointed (currently 10 months)
-Carma v Eiche Park (15 months)

-I have traveled to and participated at RKNA shows in Canada and the US, specifically: Miami, Florida; Norco, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Sacramento, California.

-I have trialed every year for the past 4 years at the RKNA IPO Championships

I have a wealth of experience working with people and negotiating agreements.
-I am the Union Shop Chair for a hotel with 110 workers whom I represent.
-For the past 15 years I have dealt directly with people from varied cultures as well as the general manager in order to come to agreements to ensure work runs smoothly.

do not identify 3c  Elan vd Jasper Ranch Lisa


Lala Roberts
Waxahachie, Texas
Director of Committees

IMG 2576c

-Owned Rottweilers for over 25 years

-I have titled two Rottweilers to IPO titles. My Rottweiler, Lucky B, was a male who I titled to BH & IPO 1. He developed cancer at age 5 and I had to euthanize him two weeks after we achieved IPO 1. My current Rottweiler, Drybrucke’s Brio, has been owner/handled/trained to BH and IPO 3. She cannot show as she developed pyometra with a closed uterus so it was necessary to spay her to save her life.

-I was heavily involved in USRC for over 21 years. I was a Regional Director overseeing seven clubs in my region. We were one of the most active regions of the USRC. I was also Head Breed Warden.

– My club held regional shows, club shows and the 2006 Schutzhund Championships & National Sieger Show. It was a very show and a very good turnout for the trial.

-There is a group forming a RKNA club in Texas that I have been invited to become involved with. However, everything is at a standstill due to the social media actions of the current Board – it is very distressing to this new group to witness what is happening on social media.

-I have been heavily involved in Rottweiler rescue. I developed the American Rescue Rottweiler Foundation (ARRF). In a 4-year period, I spayed & neutered and adopted out over 1,000 Rottweilers. I gave a free obedience lesson to each owner.

-I have been in the insurance industry for over 25 years. My portfolio included 35 employees under my supervision. I am currently semi-retired.

-I am experienced with the Rottweiler FCI standard and with FCI IPO rules. I have the ability to work with many pet people as well as many experienced IPO people. I am a member of DVG and RKNA. I was a member of USCA and I was my local USCA club’s Secretary.

Lala 2   Lala photo


Legal Opinion

2016-12-12a Opinion re Rottweiller Klub